Les rêves réalisés

I’m a recovering marketing specialist seeking professional fulfillment through one of the only constants in my life—books. Libraries have always felt like home to me. As a super-duper normal kid growing up in a small, American town (with—I might add—a lot of super-duper normal, non-esoteric interests), I made it my mission to read every book I could find on things like the Salem witch trials and Greek mythology. I spent my weekends flipping through card catalogues and amassing overwhelming piles of books to bring home.

Because of my innate love of libraries and literature, I always half-joked that if I ever went back to school, it would be in France and relate to books. Is it any wonder I applied to a master’s program where part of the curriculum included learning Ancient Greek and how to identify and catalogue rare books?

A decade after finishing my undergrad, the half-joke is my reality, and I can’t help but be both amused and frightened. There is so much I want to get from this program that it often feels overwhelming. I want to improve my French, become proficient in Latin and Ancient Greek, and become capable enough at identifying unique aspects of older books so that I can find work in an archive, a museum, or an auction house after my studies. So far, working toward all of these components has been the most fulfilling part of this program; I can only hope that two years will be enough to improve the skills I want and need for my new, non-marketing-related life en France.