Student presentation : French and philosophy lover

Descartes, Discours de la méthode

           I am Angélique, one of the french students in the Master Rare Books and Digital Humanities (2021 – 2023). I was born in Nantes, 23 years ago and I had always been living in that city before coming Besançon.

Previously, I studied philosophy and was pretty excited by ancient philosophers like Aristotle or Epicurus, and also very impressed by systematic philosophies especially the one of Kant.

But I didn’t really want to become a super philosopher so I choose a more prolific and exciting way in life : studying books ! It is in this process that I (miraculously) found the Master, so I was thrilled of being accepted in it !

Otherwise, I don’t have precised expectations and I wait to see what the internships will change in my vision of books conservation and selling.