From landmarks to books

“Standing on the shoulders of giants”

This phrase from Bernard of Chartres is a perfect metaphor for learning by reading.

My name is William. I have lived in Franche-Comté for almost twenty years but I was born in the north of Italy. During my studies in Italian language and history that I made in Besançon, I worked on treatises about modern military architecture. It was a way for me to combine my two countries of origin.

In fact, in Besançon and in Belfort, the town where I study and the town where I live, we can find bastion forts built during the XVII century by one of the best military architects of the European history, Sébastien le Prestre de Vauban.
citadel of Besançon

The French architect didn’t invent a new architecture. Most of the elements he used can be found in earlier Italian treatises, but he used them better than anyone. My work on the old Italian treatises of the Besançon’s libraries gave me the desire to know more about all the old books and it’s why I chose the master Rare Book and Digital Humanities.

In addition, I also studied informatic for one year therefore the possibility to combine Social Sciences and Humanities and the digital world was for me the chance to use all my skills in one degree.