From one end of France to another

From one end of France to another


My name is Louise Chanson and as far as I can remember, I’ve always had a soft spot for books. From fantasy to classic literature, I also enjoy anything that fall into the paraliterature category, and it doesn’t matter if I can or not physically turn the pages.

Might be the reason why nobody was surprised when I decided to do a master in literature, working during those two years on a dissertation on fanfictions.

Might also be the reason why my decision to travel from Nantes to Besançon in order to follow this master wasn’t surprising either. I was already interested in books, and I discovered a part of the digital humanities while researching for my dissertation. I appreciated working on the digital aspect of books but it wasn’t enough and I was hungry for more.

Imagine my delight when I found out a master combining books and digital humanities.

I wasn’t expecting a lot when I arrived in Besançon, except learning. And so far, so good ! I’ve never had the opportunity to study books properly before so I really enjoy it, as well as trying my hand at several digital tools. One can be intimidated by all the different projects that we have to achieve but I honestly find that so exciting : no more theory, it’s time to get your hands dirty !