Franche-comté printing and publishing from the 15th to the 16th century

My projet is divided into two parts, «Franche-comté printing and publishing from the 15th to the 16th century» and « Analysis of the preservation of these original books in various regions and the degree of digital completion».

In the first part: I started with the historical changes of the Franche-comté from the 15th to the 16th century and discovered the impact of historical changes on the printing industry. After this, the first edition of Besançon’s printing in the 15th century was introduced, describing the discussion of Joannes Comtet and Pierre Mettlinger « Who was Besançon’s first print publisher », introducing the work and the printing process respectively. After that, it described the development of the Franche-comté printing industry in the 16th century, Anotine Dominique– the first print publisher in Dole, introduced in detail his business development in Dole and its relationship with Dole University and Dole Library.

The second part mainly describes the preservation and digitization of the books described in the previous part in various regions.

First of all, I will divide this part into three sub-sections, which are the book collection and digitization in Besançon, Franche-comté region and BNF. Because the BNF generally contains the collection records of various places, but part of the digital situation depends on the size and implementation efficiency of each local library. Moreover, some precious books in libraries around the world are very fragile, and there is no way to quickly digitize them, and this part of the material is also the subject of discussion in the third part. It also leads to discussions on the method and feasibility of digitizing fragile and precious books.

After this, I hope to create an independent database for these unprocessed textual data, which are mainly classified into: storage location, bibliography information of books, book preservation status, main book information. So as to match it with all kinds of appropriate digital technology.


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