Looking forward

After a brief but interesting pathway through the history of ancient books, the history of Europe,  classical languages, and digital tools, it is time to look forward in our professional lives and implement all the knowledge learned so far. Certainly, some topics have been particularly interesting and although we have not begun our internship yet, we have already projected ourselves in some fields further than in others.

As far as I am concerned, my interest is focused in the management of the databases, the design of web pages and the uses of digital tools for research as well as for the dissemination of information. I have found this knowledge very useful for developing my personal research project.  Besides, I consider that this knowledge would be valuable in any other project that includes the data management and the presentation of visual content.

For the upcoming months, I would like to initiate the internship in an institution where I can implement all the skills I acquired in the master. There, I would like to challenge myself working in interdisciplinary projects with international members and using different languages. If possible, I hope to extend my time in that place and discover different ways to keep working in the field of humanities.

On the other hand, after concluding the master in Rare Books and Digital Humanities I hope to pursue doctoral studies in order to strengthen my abilities as a researcher because I recognize the value of both theoretical and practical knowledge. I would like to keep working in the field of digital humanities and I am sure that the experience the master have given me will make me capable to face a big research project as the doctoral one.