Plan for my future

After completing our master’s program, I will not choose a job immediately, because I feel that I should continue to improve my knowledge system. I may return to China, combine my knowledge of ancient Chinese to choose a master’s or doctoral’s program that more focuses on the protection, digital humanities and restoration works of ancient oriental precious books to continue my professional study. At the same time, I will try to apply to participate in some auxiliary work of the ancient book digitization project in the library. I think this is a good way to accumulate practical experience. And for my own abilities and preferences, the practical work direction is more suitable for me.

There are very big differences between the ancient books of the East and the West, whether it is paper material, binding method, printing method, ink, or text arrangement, illustrations and so on. But for our modern digital humanities ways, we can use the same method to digitally process different types of ancient books from the East and the West, and use more advanced methods to protect them.

At the same time, I also hope to continue to strengthen the ability of modern and ancient languages to carry out cultural exchanges between the East and the West. Books are always the carrier of culture, but humans are the most important spreaders of culture.