For the world of words: the book…

ave you ever felt jealous for Johnny Depp’s profession as Rare book dealer in the Ninth Gate? Have you ever felt the same excitement as Sean Connery in front of a monastery library as in the Name of Rose? Do you believe that Gutenberg was worthy voted as the man of the millennium? If the answer in all of these is yes or even almost yes, the Rare Book and Digital Humanities master programme is the perfect choice for you.
The curriculum is well separated in theory and practice. The theoretical courses contain history of the book and of typography, book culture and ancient languages like Latin and Ancient Greek. At the same time, we have courses about descriptive bibliography, web designing, image processing, markup languages and relational databases. In addition to the courses, visits in libraries, artists’ or conservators’ studios are regularly planned and we participate in individual and group projects on the creation of catalogues, websites, or even digital libraries for incunables, early books and other collections.
As a student of this master programme, I have the fortune of being able to attend courses given by acclaimed experts in the field of books and digital humanities who are always willing to assist us. The combination of all these with the great international environment creates a unique experience for professional and personal development. I am highly recommending this master programme to librarians, historians and IT students with interest in rare collections’ management.